CRAZY ALPACA LADY Vinyl Decal Sticker

  • $ 5.99

    • High quality vinyl cut decal with NO background. PLEASE NOTE the size of decal before ordering. 

    • Professionally designed, manufactured and distributed solely by Gorilla Decals.

    • These vinyl decals have the ADHESIVE ON THE BACK SIDE of decal, so they can be applied to any smooth surface, including the outside of windows. Easy to follow application instructions included. 

    • Durable, Waterproof and Weather Resistant for up to 7 Years

    • Great for car windows, laptops, helmets, or any smooth surface!

    • WHITE and YELLOW decals work best on dark surfaces and car windows. BLUE and BLACK decals looks best on light surfaces and do NOT show up on car windows. PINK, RED, GREEN, ORANGE and PURPLE colored decals work good on most colored surfaces and car windows.

    • NOT FOR RESALE. Copyright 2012. 

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